What we've got planned for Pride 2018

Here's everything we're planning for Pride this year.


By Civil Service LGBT+ Network

The Civil Service LGBT+ Network will be organising the Civil Service’s participation in Pride events across the UK again this year. This blog post is to let you know what we’ve organised so far, how you can take part, and how you can help organise for your own local Pride.

Where we’re planning to take part

As usual, we are planning to take part in multiple Pride events this year. So far we have started planning for:

  • Pride in London, 7 July 2018: we have already applied to take part in Pride in London and our application has been approved.
  • Manchester Pride, 25 August 2018: we have started planning to take part in Manchester Pride this year, working with the Government Equalities Office.

Thanks to the work of our regional organisers, we also expect to take part in Pride events in Nottingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

a:gender are also planning to take part in the Sparkle Weekend in Manchester between 6 July 2018 and 8 July 2018.

If you would like to organise a Civil Service group as part of Pride in your local area, please get in contact with us.


We will be making new t-shirts for this year’s Pride events. We are attempting to provide these free of charge to people who join our Pride groups. If this isn’t possible for some reason, t-shirts are likely to cost between £15 and £20.

More details will be released soon.

Pride in London

We have already applied for a place in the Pride in London parade on 7 July 2018, and this has been approved.

Due to arrangements in place with the local council, Pride in London continue to limit the number of participants in the Parade. This year, we have secured 120 places and also plan to have a large float as part of the parade.

Secure your place

You must register to join our group in the parade. To ensure places are allocated fairly, you must register as an individual: you will not be able to register as a large group or network.

Reservations will happen in 2 waves:

  • the first will start at 10:00am on Tuesday 1 May
  • the second will start at 10:00am on Monday 14 May

We will also be operating a waiting list.

For more information, please visit the event page on our website.