Pride 2019: Everything you need to know

We're planning to take part in a number of Pride events across the UK again this year. Here's what we've got planned so far, and what you need to know.


By Civil Service LGBT+ Network

This year, the Civil Service LGBT+ Network will be taking part in a number of Prides across the country.

At the moment, we are planning to participate in Pride events in:

We may also take part in other Pride events across the UK, and this will be based on the availability of volunteers to organise this in their local area.

Registering to attend

Pride in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh

You will need to register to let us know you’re coming as part of the Civil Service walking groups in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Registrations will open later this month. We will place a link to register on this website.

Pride in London

For Pride in London only, we will be registering attendees a little differently this year.

Last year more than 2,000 people tried to get a place in our walking group, and we only had around 100 places. We want to ensure our group is as diverse as possible, and that the allocation of places is as fair as it can be.

We think the fairest way to allocate places is on a lottery basis. There will be no reserved places for specific departments or networks.

We will also be collecting diversity information from those who put their name into the lottery. This is so we can try to allocate places in line with the demographics we would expect to see across the country as a whole.

Registrations will open later this month. We will post a link to the expression of interest form on this website, and allocate places once we have a confirmed group size from Pride in London; we expect this to be in April.

T-shirts, placards, and other materials

We are currently attempting to secure funding to pay for all the materials we need for Pride this year at each location.

If this is not possible, we will set up a mechanism for people to purchase t-shirts, placards and other materials via our website.

Next steps

We will continue to post updates to our website as more information becomes available.

If you’re organising a group for Pride in your local town or city, let us know. We’re happy to advertise it for you on our events page.