Civil Service Live Video Clips

This should tell you all you need to know about submitting a video for the Civil Service Live workshops.


By Civil Service LGBT+ Network

Civil Service Live Video

This will hopefully tell you all you need to know about filming for the Civil Service Live events.

If you have any questions please email

Please submit your videos to us by 8th May 2019

  1. Please email us for a document with tips on how to shoot good video - it is worth whoever is going to do the filming having a look at it before they start. Particular points to note:
    • it’s best to shoot horizontal - i.e landscape rather than portrait
    • it is easier for editing if the subject is to the side - i.e. off centre
    • it’s best if the subject is wearing block colours rather than checks or stripes
  2. For consistencyplease deliver all the clips straight to camera. The shot should be from “mid chest” upwards

  3. Talk normally - don’t be tempted to talk too fast, but don’t slow down to the point that it sounds artificial

  4. We will need the name and department of all those filmed (if you are not happy about having your department on screen let us know when you submit your video and we will explain when we pass the clips on).

  5. The video will be subtitled - please send us a word document with what you have said (it will probably sound more natural if you don’t read something out, but some people prefer to have a “script” in front of them)

  6. We have been asked by a few people if they can use the DVD in other contexts - e.g. on the departmental intranets; by departments for awareness raising; and possibly even in modules for Civil Service Learning. Please confirm whether or not you are happy for the film to be used across the Civil Service for all purposes when you email your video to us.

  7. To reiterate in relation to content: the workshop is about LGB&TI Inclusion, and the purpose of the video content is to highlight the sorts of behaviours which LGB&TI civil servants have experienced at work which have made them feel excluded, focusing on microbehaviours and their impact (and possibly, where relevant, the sorts of behaviours which have resolved the particular situation - so if there is a positive outcome please mention it!). Each clip needs to be short, so that we can fit in as many as possible, and get as diverse a group of people as possible so no more than a couple of minutes each please.

  8. Finally, please be aware that the clips will be edited, and may not all be used - once we have them all, we will need to consider what works best, what flows etc - so please don’t take it personally if we do edit or omit your clip!

  9. Email your completed video with all the relevant information to with the title CS Live Video