Hi, my name is Rebecca Hobson and I work in Sheffield for the Planning, Innovation, Excellence & Strategy Team. I have been open about my sexuality for just over a year, after 5 years of only being open with my husband and a few close friends.

For me being open created a lot of dialogue between myself, friends and family and I very quickly realised that many of the people I spoke to have no idea that bisexuality existed. I had found it easy to fade into the background for so long and not speak out about my sexuality as it never felt as though it was something anyone would take seriously. It was never talked about at home or on tv/ media in a positive way. I always felt as though bisexual people were promiscuous, confused or that they should “pick a side” which in turn gave me internalised biphobia and if I couldn’t accept me, how was anyone else going to?

Bi visibility day creates a safe space for bisexual people to talk about how they feel and creates conversation with those who do not identify as bisexual. These conversations can help to educate people on the issue’s bisexual people may face and highlight them to the vast spectrum of bisexuality.

Being myself in public and among family and friends, gave me so much confidence, I had no idea just how much I was hiding myself from everyone I knew. Many friends have asked me why as a married woman, I felt the need to come out? The answer is very simple, I was walking around day to day, wearing a mask and not fully knowing who I was.

Bi visibility highlighted these issues and I learned of events that were for other people feeling the exact same way I was. I began talking to other bisexual people in groups and on forums and I finally felt like I understood who I was, which in turn gave me the confidence to come out to everyone. In general, most aspects of my life have not changed but my emotional/ mental well-being has improved greatly, I am a much happier person and I believe I have bi visibility to thank for that.

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