Pride season has come to an end for this year. Hundreds of civil servants - both LGBT and allies - have attended Pride events all over the UK.

Pride this year kicked off in London, where over 100 staff joined the marching group organised by CSRA - one of our largest marching groups to date. From there we moved north, to Scotland, where dozens of staff marched in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We’ve also marched in Brighton, Manchester and Newcastle alongside hundreds of other public sector workers.

Local networks are important for local Prides

The work CSRA does is largely done by volunteers; we rely on them to coordinate in their local areas so that civil servants have the chance to march at local Pride events. Thanks to all our volunteers for making this year’s Pride events so successful - and thanks to everyone who came along to join the marches too.

We couldn’t have marched at so many events without the support of local LGBT networks in government departments and agencies either. The work of local departmental networks like Spirit - the Ministry of Justice LGBT network - and FLAGG - the Foreign Office LGBT network - is essential to making Pride a success and to making #OurCivilService a great place to work for LGBT people.

We'll be back next year

It’s important that the Civil Service is well represented at Pride events. Only through being representative of the diversity that exists in our country can we ensure better public service delivery; it’s important the Civil Service is visibly seen to #ChampionDifference. That’s why we’ll be back again next year to march at Pride events across the country.

If you want to help us out with organising for Pride in the future, then get in touch.