Civil Service Allies Week

What’s your job role and where do you work?

I work as an engagement and employee lifecycle expert and race ambassador in the Ministry of Justice’s People Group. I’ve been in this post for two years.

How long have you been an ally?

I have been an LGBT+ ally since 2017.

Why do you think it’s important to be an ally, and to have allies within an office?

Allies are important as they can help people who are not intrinsic owners of the issues to see what life is like in someone else’s shoes. It’s important to have people who will act as advocates; to ensure that everybody is able to bring their whole, authentic self, to work.

What have you done to be a visible ally within your office or what do you plan to do?

I wear a rainbow pin on my lanyard at work and have built into the work I have been doing on black history month the importance of intersectionality. I am also planning to include some events during LGBT History Month in Feb 2019 outside of work as a Deputy County Commissioner for People and Culture Change in Scouting in London I enable LGBT+ leaders to feel supported in their scouting roles

Civil Service Allies Week is a chance to highlight the important role of LGBT+ allies in the Civil Service.

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