Civil Service allies Week

What’s your job role and where do you work?

I am the Chief Digital & Information Officer at the Ministry of Justice. 

How long have you been an ally?

I have been an LGBT+ ally since I joined the MoJ around two years ago. Before then, I was not familiar with the role of an “ally”.

Why do you think it’s important to be an ally, and to have allies within an office?

As a straight, white, cis man, being an ally means someone who will stand up and support and celebrate the rights of LGBTQI people in our workplace, and right across society. More than that though: it is about celebrating difference, of shining a light on the many benefits to our culture we get from having a thriving LGBTQI community. Allies are important because so often equality is thought to be the problem of the minority, not the majority.

What have you done to be a visible ally within your office or what do you plan to do?

I tweet and blog about LGBT+ issues, and about diversity and inclusion more widely. I regularly attend our LGBT+ social outings (aka the “rainbow raves”) to show my support. I feel that it is important for me, as a Director, to be noisy about LGBT+ issues so people know that it is safe for them to be themselves in our workplace.

Civil Service allies Week is a chance to highlight the important role of LGBT+ allies in the Civil Service.

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