Civil Service allies Week

Hi, my name’s Matt. I’m a Director in the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) and have been an LGBT+ ally for two years. I’m a Board champion and proud supporter of my department’s LGBT+ network, Out and Proud.

From discussions with LGBT friends and colleagues over the years, I know that ending discrimination and ensuring that all of us can be ourselves at work needs everyone involved: it isn’t a side issue, or something simply for our HR colleagues; it’s an issue for each and everyone of us. Only by working together can we end discrimination at work.

That’s why I believe Allies are hugely important. Allies stand together, through thick and thin. We give each other support, help and guidance when it’s needed most - and sometimes even when it’s not. Being an Ally is about affirming my support, standing up for what I believe in and being visible for my friends and colleagues. They’d do the same for me. That’s an alliance.

Although the law has changed, for many it’s not yet translated into true equality. That’s why we all need to work together. That’s why being an Ally - and having Allies - is so important. Together, we can be catalysts for change.

Civil Service allies Week is a chance to highlight the important role of LGBT+ allies in the Civil Service.

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