You might be aware that government email addresses that end in – sometimes referred to as “GSI” emails – are being phased out and replaced with just email addresses.

Individual departments are making the changes at their own pace, but at some point in the near future email address that end in will no longer receive emails. Check with your departmental IT team to see when your emails are changing, and what they are changing to.

If your email address is changing, and you signed up for our newsletter using your GSI email address, you will need to update your details.

How to update your email address

If you are already registed with your GSI email address, visit the update your profile page and input your existing details.

A message box will appear below the form (ignore any errors you see). In the message box will be a link that says “Click here to update your profile”. Select that link: it will send you an email with a final link to our mailing list system where you can change your email address.

If this doesn’t work, you can simply re-register from scratch with your new email, and unsubscribe at your old email address. A link to unsubscribe is included at the bottom of every email we send you.

Getting two sets of newsletters already?

If you’re already receiving two newsletters, it’s because you’ve signed up with both your GSI and your non-GSI email address. You can unsubscribe using the links at the bottom of the emails.