Update: We’ve just added monthly events in Manchester, and upcoming events in Cardiff. You can find the details below.

It’s 2019, and we’ve got a lot of events planned for this year already. We’ve updated out event listings page with provisional dates already; here’s a quick run down.



For 2019, we’re introducing monthly socials in a new location: Bristol. Our volunteers in the area will be organising them for the first Wednesday of each month, starting in February 2019.

NEW: Cardiff

Social events are being planned in Cardiff too; the first of which is on 20 February. You can get the details on the social event page. Details for future socials will be added soon.


We’re slowly kicking off regular social events in Edinburgh. Our next one is on 6 February – and if there’s strong demand, our volunteers are happy to keep organising them. You can check out the details and get in touch with our local organiser, Steven, on the event page.


As we always, we’re holding regular socials in London from January 2019 through December 2019. They’ll be on the first Thursday of each month. There’s no need to register, you can just turn up. The location for each event will be published on our website a few days in advance.

NEW: Manchester

We’re now adding monthly socials in Manchester on the second Tuesday of each month, starting on 12 February 2019. Check out all the dates on our events page.


Civil service volunteers organised many pride groups around the UK last year across departmental and national networks; and we hope to have a strong showing at other pride events this year too.

This year, we plan to take part in all 4 capital prides across the UK: Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. We’ll also be doing Pride in London a bit differently to ensure that allocations of places are fairer and more evenly distributed across various demographics and groups. More details on this, and all our other prides, will be released in the coming weeks, but we’ve added placeholder dates to our events page in the meantime.

Keep up to date with our events

We publish all our events on our website. You can find the events page at civilservice.lgbt/events.