On 18 February 2019, you might have received a newsletter from us that made very little sense. One of our event listings for an event in Cardiff was mistakenly sent to everyone on the mailing list.

We’ve now fixed the error – and it shouldn’t happen again – but we just wanted to quickly say “sorry” for the accidental extra email!

What actually happened

If you’re technically minded, this is what happened:

  • Our newsletter is automatically generated based on the articles on our website; our email provider (MailChimp) takes an RSS feed from our website and generates a newsletter with any new articles.
  • Last week we uploaded a new event for International Women’s Day which the Welsh Government Network is running in Cardiff. Usually events don’t show up in the RSS feed, but there was a typo in the event’s title that meant it did show up; and that’s why you got the newsletter with a seemingly confused message.

We’ve fixed the error now so that it won’t happen again.