About this document

An election for the chair of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network has been called, following the resignation of the incumbent chair.

This document is intended for election organisers in departments. It explains how to submit your vote to the Civil Service LGBT+ Network, on behalf of your departmental or agency LGBT+ network.


Before you submit your vote, you should ensure that you are eligible to vote and that your departmental network is listed on the networks list.

You should also ensure that you have conducted an internal vote of your membership or your committee.

If you do not meet these criteria, or your network is not listed, your vote will not count.

Submitting your vote

The results of your internal vote must be submitted by email before the deadline.

The email must be sent from the same email address listed on the list of organisations that are eligible to vote.

Your email should contain the following information:

  • the name of your department or agency
  • the method by which you conducted your vote (full membership vote or committee vote)
  • the total number of votes cast in your internal vote
  • the candidate that received the highest number of votes
  • a list of each candidate, and the number of votes received for each candidate


You can use the button below to generate a template email that you can complete with your results.

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