International Women's Day, in Conversation with… Female Founders

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Join the Cross-government Women’s Network for an inspiring hour to hear from those who are leading the way and empowering other women to do the same.

Emma Obanye - founder and Head of Delivery at OneTech

Emma sold her first business BuddyBounce to Crowdmix in 2016 after raising £400,000 to build it. Her latest businesses are Mindful Team and The Retrospective Game. She is now Head of Delivery of OneTech at Capital Enterprise and lives in Hackney and Barcelona.

John Spindler - CEO of Capital Enterprise

Capital Enterprise is a body of connectors, influencers, investors and policy-makers, collaborating to serve and super-charge London’s start-up scene.

OneTech is an ambitious programme within Capital Enterprise focusing on creating an inclusive tech environment where every company can thrive.

The aim is to boost access to investment and entrepreneurial support opportunities for tech startups founded by women and those from minority ethnicity backgrounds.

One of their main goals is to double the number of female and BAME-led tech start-ups raising investment through our programmes.