Leaders of Networks Forum

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This event has already taken place.

The Leaders of Networks Forum is a new regular event that will help shape the work of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network and give the leaders of local LGBT+ networks a space to share experiences, frustrations, resources, ideas and solutions.

The event is open to anyone who helps to lead a Civil Service LGBT+ staff network in a department, agency or arm’s length body, or to anyone that volunteers with the Civil Service LGBT+ Network itself.

Registrations for this event have now closed.


The agenda for this meeting is below. Please notify us in advance of any other business you wish to raise.

Item Lead Time
Welcomes and introductions Kate Hughes 10 mins
Update on CS LGBT+ Network delivery Kate Hughes 10 mins
Updates on Pride 2019 Kate Hughes 30 mins
Plans for a Civil Service LGBT+ Survey Kate Hughes 30 mins
Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Awards Kate Hughes 5 mins
Civil Service Live Kate Hughes 5 mins
Stonewall Workplace Index Kate Hughes 5 mins
Any other business All 15 mins

Google Hangouts video conferencing

It is possible to attend this meeting remotely via Google Hangouts. Details for this have been sent to all registered attendees.