Meditate with Adam - PrideON

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The LGBT+ community has specific needs when it comes to mental and physical wellbeing. We know that social pressure to look a certain way is persistent and can be challenging. During lockdown, many companies have capitalised on this by adding even more pressure to diet and subscribe to their products.

Mindspace is a West Midlands based company specialising in meditative practice and mindfulness. During lockdown, the founder, Adam, has been posting a meditation every day to support us all.

Join the watchparty to learn some of the benefits of meditation, and take some renewed inner peace into the remainder of your day.

How do I join?

There is no need to register, simply head of over to our Facebook page at 14:30 on 15th June, to join in the session.


If you have any issues or questions about the event, please email us

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