LGBTQ+ Homelessness Presentation and Q&A by the Albert Kennedy Trust - PrideON

Event details

This event has already taken place.

Join us for an informative and insightful panel event on the issues faced by LGBTQ+ young people facing or experiencing homelessness.

We’re running this an half hour long presentation and Q&A to highlight the unique issues faced by members in the LGBTQ+ community when experiencing homelessness and the support available.

You don’t need prepare for this event, just bring your enthusiasm to learn more about the challenges facing our community. Each panel member will deliver a short talk on a topic of their choosing, with a chance for questions/discussion at the end.

These sessions are open to everyone and will be facilitated inclusively.

Full list of speakers to be confirmed. Dates and time may change, if they do, we will notify you through Eventbrite.

How do I join?

Please register your interest on Eventbrite through the above link and using your GOV.UK email. Our Zoom capacity is limited to 100 participants, so if you can no longer attend, please cancel your place.

Depending on how many people sign up, you may be required to register for Zoom access codes, so please keep an eye on your inbox in advance of the event.

Any other instructions and materials needed for the event, will also be distributed to the email you register with in advance.


If you have any issues or questions about the event, please email us

If you are unable to participate vocally, please let us know and we will make sure you can still join in safely.

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Civil Service LGBT+ Network’s Statement of Impartiality

We would like to make Civil Servants who choose to attend PrideON aware that there will be guest speakers for several events – including podcasts, panel discussions, roundtables, and Q&A’s. Please be mindful that these will include discussions of the speaker’s own experiences, ideas and opinions.

We have both internal and external guest speakers for PrideON. Internally, we will have LGBT speakers from different departments as well as representatives from LGBT Networks and the Government Equalities Office responsible for LGBT Policy. External speakers include LGBT activists, including representatives from LGBT charities and organisations. You may be aware of their interests and perspectives already as some are in the public eye.

We want to make it clear that the views discussed in these events are those of the guest speakers. Therefore, they are not the views of the Civil Service nor the Government. Likewise, these are not the views of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network.