Mental Health And Wellbeing Virtual Conference

Event details

This event has already taken place.

Civil Service HR have collaborated with colleagues from the Charity for Civil Servants (CFCS) and Civil Service Sports Council (CSSPC) to deliver this year’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference, being held virtually from 5th to 15th October.

The event seeks to provide a greater understanding of how to optimise mental health against the backdrop of a global pandemic, and increase overall wellbeing in an ever changing workplace. Speakers include experts from Anxiety UK and Mind, as well as fellow civil servants sharing their own personal experiences.

Attendees will be able to pick and mix their sessions from the two to three speakers per day. You can find the Wellbeing Conference Timetable here.

On behalf of Civil Service HR and The Charity for Civil Servants.

Mental health and wellbeing has never been more important to our quality of life and performance. You are invited to a two-week virtual conference featuring a range of sessions covering topics such as ‘Always On Culture’, ‘Digital Wellbeing’, ‘Smarter Working’, ‘Burnout’, ‘Personal Stories’ and more. Speakers, experts and practitioners from across a range of institutions will offer guidance and insight into looking after our mental health and wellbeing. With a focus on practical classes, workshops, advice and support to help reduce stress and anxiety, the conference aims to help us all improve our overall wellbeing and resilience in these extraordinary times.

Civil Service HR, The Charity for Civil Servants and Civil Service Sports Council have come together to host this conference. We hope you will join us for these great virtual sessions.

Join colleagues from across the Civil Service as part of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference, which is free to attend. Please sign up using the above link.