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Ace Week, formerly known as Asexual Awareness Week, takes place from 25-31 October 2020 and is an international campaign dedicated to raising awareness and expanding education about asexual, demisexual and grey-asexual experiences.

Asexual civil servants sometimes feel a lack of sense of community, invisible as a result of a lack of recognition and role models, and face negative stereotypes, assumptions or a lack of understanding about their identities.

AceSpace will be a panel discussion around asexuality, the asexual spectrum and what it’s like to be an ace civil servant, hosted by the Civil Service LGBT+ Network’s Bi+ Inclusion Team. It will be an opportunity for ace civil servants and allies who want to know more about asexuality to ask questions and discuss asexuality and ace inclusion in the Civil Service.

Please register through Eventbrite using your gov.uk email address. Joining instructions will be sent out prior to the event. For any questions about the event or to request joining details to be sent to your personal email address please contact Alan Edwards or Robin Tamblyn.