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Join us at AceSpace for a discussion of ace history and inclusion, and to share ideas on how we can increase ace representation & visibility.

LGBT+ History Month, recognised in February in the UK, is an annual observance that celebrates LGBT+ history and provides education and insight into the issues that the LGBT+ community faces. Asexual and aromantic groups and individuals are increasingly a part of these events (and the initial “A” is often added to the LGBT initialism to represent the groups.)

So what are the asexual and aromantic flag colours? When is Asexual Awareness Week held? Which famous historical figures are thought to have been ace? Who are some openly ace celebrities? Does your organisation have an Ace network? Is your workplace LGBT+ network ace inclusive?

Join us at this LGBT+ History Month AceSpace session to discuss some of these important questions, and to share ideas on how we can increase ace representation & visibility.

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