Sexuality Mythbusting

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Exploring the origins of gender norms and their effects on the LGBTIA+ community.

Following the recent release of Russell T. Davies’ limited series about the dawn in crisis in early 1980s London and the celebration of LGBT+ History Month, join us as we reflect on the impact of the series ‘It’s a Sin’ as it mourns the loss and celebrates the lives of AIDS victims. Speakers will be exploring the myth that the LGBT+ community is ‘hypersexualised’ or ‘sexually excessive/obsessive’, as well as continuing and prevailing myths around HIV/AIDS.

Join Luke Johns and Sara Babahami in an open and safe forum as they engage with the audience regarding ‘It’s a Sin’ and discuss sexual health in the LGBT+ community. Speakers will focus on tackling the sexual myths that pervade in society and within the LGBT+ community.

This session is for Civil Servants only.

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Civil Service LGBT+ Network’s Statement of Impartiality

We would like to make Civil Servants aware who choose to attend our LGBT+ History month events, that the speakers are external. Therefore, please be mindful that these will include discussions of the speaker’s own experiences, ideas and opinions.

We also want to make it clear that the views discussed in these events are those of the guest speakers. Therefore, they are not the views of the Civil Service nor the Government. Likewise, these are not the views of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network.

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