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The Civil Service LGBT+ Network is coordinating the Civil Service’s presence at Pride events across the UK in 2022. We are also organising an online programme of events to keep Pride On wherever you live.

We will be taking part in pride marches and parades in every UK capital city this year, as well as a number of other towns and cities across the country.

Find out more on our Pride 2022 topic page.

Joining instructions

Belfast Social Event: Friday 29th July 2022

Thank you for registering to take part in Belfast Civil Service LGBT+ Network Social.

For those who have registered for the social event, then please join us at The Maverick between 17:00-19:00.

Location of the event.

Please remember to bring your ID with you, and to note this venue does not serve food. If you have any queries then please contact

Belfast Pride: Saturday 30th July 2022 at 13:00

Meeting point - 11:30 Erskine House. We will then walk to parade start.

Look out for the Civil Service LGBT+ Banner.

The parade will make its way to Victoria Street, we will then move aside to the Kitchen Bar.

Please sign up via Civil service LGBT+ page, Pride t-shirts will be issued as per signups. But please you can still turn up on the day without sign up!!!

If you would like to attend please speak to Ryan, Dylan or Ted who can take your number for contact.

For the latest Belfast Pride Information

We know that this will be an exciting day, however there are rules of the day.

Please remember that you are representing the Civil Service at this event so you:

  • must adhere to the Civil Service Code at all times
  • must not promote any political messaging during the parade, or do anything that might be perceived as jeopardising your impartiality
  • must not drink alcohol on the parade route or bring glass bottles to the parade or parade route

We hope that you have a great Pride Event.