Date and time

This event has already taken place.

The Civil Service LGBT+ Network is coordinating the Civil Service’s presence at Pride events across the UK in 2022. We are also organising an online programme of events to keep Pride On wherever you live.

We will be taking part in pride marches and parades in every UK capital city this year, as well as a number of other towns and cities across the country.

Find out more on our Pride 2022 topic page.

Joining instructions

Thank you for registering for Manchester Pride. We hope that you have an amazing day with us. The theme this year will be March for Peace, with the importance of peace in a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to live and love without prejudice at its heart. Visit the Manchester Pride website for more information.

For those who have registered to take part in the parade, then please meet at the Castlefield Bowl by 11:00am at the latest more details will be cascaded by email once we have confirmation from Manchester Pride.

Meeting point

The plan for the day is to meet in the locality of the parade. Please arrive by 11:00am at the latest more details will be cascaded by email once we have confirmation from Manchester Pride and take part in the parade, and then for those that wish to, go into the festival area.

The closest train station and also tram stop to the meeting point is Deansgate Castlefield.

Once you arrive at the meeting point then please find Matt or Ross as everybody will need a parade wristband for the march. They will be holding the banner up and will also be distributing the t-shirts for the march.

If you’re late to the designated meeting point or late to the start line, then please contact Matt or Ross as they are the nominated responsible people for the parade and they will let you know where they are at that specific time so you can come and join them.

There will be a WhatsApp group created closer to the event, so please contact either Ross or Matt with your name and you will be added. Personal numbers will be provided to those who have registered.

If you are walking within the parade, then T-shirts will be provided. If you wish to wear any alternative clothing then please remember that you are representing the Civil Service at the parade and should dress appropriately.

Face paints and hand waving flags will be provided on the day and please bring your own whistles if possible.

Taking part in the Parade does not entitle entrants to tickets to other pride events. Tickets for other pride activities must be purchased separately if you wish to attend them over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Ticket information is available on the Manchester Pride website.

Contacting the local team

The North West local organiser team, Matt and Ross, will be coordinating the event on the day. You can email them at​.

Rules of the day

Please remember that you’re representing the Civil Service and therefore should conduct yourself in line with the Civil Service Code at any time when you can be identified as a civil servant. This includes, but is not limited to, whilst you are wearing a Civil Service LGBT+ Network t-shirt.

When wearing those t-shirts, we will not be drinking alcohol. Following the parade, it will be asked that you remove the t-shirt before drinking. No alcohol is to be consumed at any point before or during the parade. If you are found with alcohol you will be asked to leave the parade.

Manchester Pride have advised that:

  • glitter cannons are not permitted anywhere along the route.
  • if you are bringing children, they are supervised at all times.
  • in the interest of animal welfare, pets are not permitted along the parade route.
  • flags, props or banners must not be waved over the Metrolink cross-over point on Peter Street due to live, overhead power lines.


In the interest of those with access needs, the route itself is suitable for walkers and wheelchair users. If you need assistance then please contact the nominated responsible people for the parade. Find out more about accessibility on the Manchester Pride website.

Happy Pride!