Date and time

This event has already taken place.

The first part of the event will focus on some contemporary personalities from various backgrounds such as Yasmin Benoit and Tim Gunn and characters in popular culture such as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who who have either come out as ace or aro or who are portrayed as such. We will look at their narratives and discuss how it makes us feel having these people as standard bearers for our community.

We will then move on to talk about our own experiences of being ace or aro and how we have faced misunderstanding at the hands of others and have gone about correcting or being resilient in the face of those misconceptions. Although asexuality is fairly easy to define and is no great mystery, it seems to be the least understood sexual orientation in a highly sexualised world with the ace and aro people being one of the most marginalised communities.

The questions to be posed to encourage discussion are:

  • When did you realise you were ace?
  • What is ace?
  • How can you be asexual, especially in the world we live in today?
  • If you are ace, how can you say that people are attractive?
  • Do you only think you are asexual because you have never been in a relationship?
  • Perhaps if you met the right person you would not be asexual anymore?
  • Are you really ace if you have a partner?
  • How do we as ace and aro people fit into the wider LGBT+ spectrum and how do we relate to the other communities?