Civil Service LGBT+ Network ‘Groups’ are email distribution lists run by people in our local organiser team and programme teams. They are separate from our email alerts which you can sign up to on our website. Unlike our email alerts, Groups are a bit less formal and a bit more personal.

This page lists the groups that are available, and explains how to subscribe and unsubscribe to each.

Available groups

Regions and nations

North West

The North West group is for members who live in the North West region of England. It is run by our local organisers in the North West region.

Subscribe to the North West group

You can subscribe to this group by sending an email to:

Subscribe to the North West group

Unsubscribe from the North West group

If you want to stop receiving emails from this group send an email from the same email as you registered with to:

Unsubscribe from the North West group

How to join a group

You can sign up to a Group via a web browser or by email.

Sign up via a web browser

To sign up to a group via a web browser, use the links in the drop down boxes above. You will be redirected to a Google Group page. On the Group page, click ‘Join this group’. You may be asked to sign in with a Google account.

If you cannot access the page via your device, or you don’t have a Google account, you can sign up via email.

Sign up via email

To join a group:

  1. Send an email to the email address of the group you want to subscribe to. The email address will be in the format
  2. You will receive an automated reply from our email system within a few minutes. The email will be from an email address in the format
    Check your spam or junk folder if it doesn’t arrive.
  3. Send a reply to the email you receive. It doesn’t matter what the message content is. The reply-to email address will be in the format
  4. You should now be subscribed to the group. You will receive email updates whenever our teams send one out.

How to leave a group

To remove yourself from a group:

  1. From the same email address as the one you subscribed with, send an email to the dedicated group unsubscribe email address. This is in the format
  2. You should be unsubscribed within a few minutes.