Use of colour

In print design, designers work with 4 base colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - and combine them to make all the colours they need. Our use of colour in both digital and print products is based on the same idea: it reflects our belief that many parts come together to make a better, bolder whole.

Always use the colour palette below when designing your products.

Use magenta, cyan and yellow as the primary colours, in conjunction with black or white in any products. Use red, green and purple colours if you need a wider palette.

Colour contrast

If you are creating a digital product, you must make sure that the contrast ratio of text and interactive elements in your design meets level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

The colours ending --accessible already meet this standard when compared against a white or #FFFFFF background or foreground at small text-sizes. You can use this online checker to check whether your choices meet this standard.

Colour codes

Colour name Hex code
white #ffffff
light-gray #DEE0E2
gray #BFC1C3
dark-gray #6F777B
black #0B0C0C
blue #2f3590
magenta #e6007e
magenta--accessible #AD005F
magenta--light #FFE6F4
red #e30613
yellow #ffed00
yellow--accessible #817800
green #00853e
cyan #009fe3
cyan--accessible #007EB4
purple #312783