Being a guest over the internet

Due to social distancing measures, we will be recording all episodes remotely, over the internet, using Zencastr. This is free software, so it won’t cost you anything. It works very similarly to if you were talking to someone over the phone, except you use your laptop. It is audio-only; there is no video.

The recording

Joining the recording

You will receive a link to join the recording.

Open this in either the Chrome, Firefox or the Chromium version of Edge web browsers.

Before starting the recording

Close any other browser tabs and activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode if you can. This will mean fewer things interrupt the recording and avoid slowing down your computer.

Put your phone and any other devices onto silent mode.

Starting the recording

Your host will control the start and end of the recording; so you won’t need to do anything else.

During the recording

Try to avoid shuffling papers or fiddling with the microphone during recording.

If anyone on the recording needs to speak, click the ‘hand’ symbol on screen to ‘raise your hand’. This will indicate to the other people that you want to speak. The other person will ‘lower your hand’ to signal you can start to speak.

Ending the recording

Your host will let you know when they’ve stopped recording.

Do not close your browser window, shut down your computer or let it go to sleep when recording finishes. A high-quality copy of your recording will automatically upload from your computer so that we can edit it later. Your host will let you know when it’s safe to close your browser.

Minimum software and hardware requirements

Operating system and devices

You will need a desktop or laptop computer running up-to-date versions of macOS or Windows 10.

Zencastr does not work on smartphones or tablets like the iPad.

Web browser

Zencastr runs in a desktop web browser. You can use one of these web browsers to join the recording.

Make sure your browser is running the latest version, as older versions might not work.

Internet speeds

You will need a reliable internet connection. Zencastr recommends at least 3Mb/s speeds for both uploads and downloads.

Headphones and microphones

Use headphones during recording; preferably a pair of over-ear headphones if you have them to minimise feedback.

Plug them in before you open the recording session in your browser to ensure they are detected by the software.

If you have one, use an external microphone. This will mean the sound-quality is better.

Guidance for guests from Zencastr