We want to make sure that all our events are inclusive and welcoming of all LGBT+ civil servants, and our allies.

We created a Standards of Behaviour policy to ensure that everyone understands the rules and behaviours we expect of attendees at our events. Our former chair, Kate Hughes, wrote about why we created the policy on our website.

Where it is possible and appropriate to do so, we encourage volunteers organising our events to remind attendees of the policy at the start of each event. This is particularly important at events that might involve participation and discussion, rather than events with a more social context.

We have provided an example of the statement, below, that you can adapt for your events.

Example statement to read out

“Welcome to this event hosted by the Civil Service LGBT+ Network. Before we start today’s event we would like to draw your attention to the Standards of Behaviour that apply to all of our events.

“We want everyone attending our events to feel welcome, included and respected. We are a diverse Civil Service, made up of people from many backgrounds and who will naturally have different perspectives on issues that might be raised throughout today’s event.

“First and foremost, we are civil servants. That means we need to adhere to the Civil Service Code at all times. You are reminded to conduct yourselves at this event inline with the core Civil Service values of ‘integrity’, ‘honesty’, ‘objectivity’ and ‘impartiality’, including political impartiality.

“We want this event to be conducted in an open, respectful and understanding way.

“It is OK to ask questions if you’re not sure about something. It is OK to make mistakes, so long as you do so in the spirit of learning and apologise if you offend someone. It is OK to disagree with people and respectfully make your case.

“It is not OK to make comments that intentionally offend others, or that might be seen to jeopardise your impartiality as civil servants.

“Ultimately, this is a workplace event. We want to remind you that if your conduct would not be generally acceptable in your ordinary workplace, it also isn’t acceptable here.

“We want everyone to feel safe to be themselves and feel like they belong in this space. We thank you for your support in making that possible by holding yourself to the highest possible standards of conduct at today’s event.”