Tay is a Policy Advisor at the Department for Education. They talk about the great culture of acceptance and inclusivity across the Civil Service.

Hello, my name is Tay. I work in the Department of Education in education policy, more specifically in teacher wellbeing and workload. I previously worked in HMRC. My experience of working in the Civil Service, in both departments, has been really positive. It has been the first place where I have been able to be myself at work and take my whole self to work.

The Civil Service was encouraging from the outset. I was able turn up to an interview presenting as a Butch lesbian and I have continued to come to work as a visibly Butch lesbian, still not facing any push back at. I have not felt uncomfortable or been made to feel uncomfortable by others. I appreciate having that space and being able to do that.

One of the things that I would say if you are not visible, is that there is a great network of support for you. Obviously you don’t have to be.. you know.. ‘all guns blazing with a rainbow flag at the ready’.. if you’re not comfortable, but just know that there is a great culture of acceptance and inclusivity across the Civil Service.

Coming from one government department to another government, I have seen no change in that respect at all. At no point have I suddenly had to push myself back in the closet because I was in a new environment. That has never been the case at all, which was really encouraging and really lovely.