Phoebe works on a climate investment programme at the Department for Business, Engery and Industrial Strategy.

Hi Everyone. I am Phoebe and I am working on a climate investment programme in BEIS. I identify as a lesbian and have been out for many years. I am passionate about tackling environmental issues, earth system regeneration and live as green as possible.

Whilst in complete solidarity with those that are suffering greatly from this pandemic, I have found solace in the current lockdown as it has presented an opportunity for me to focus more on self-care and not being distracted by endless social commitments. In the past few weeks, I have picked up the piano, learnt how to take apart and wash my bike, baked for the first time, watched quite a few queer films, entered into a meditation challenge and connected a lot more with friends and family across the world.

And living up to the lesbian stereotype, I have a cat named Puccini. He is definitely benefiting from this lockdown as he is able to get a lot more treats out of me.

Happy Lesbian Visibility Week!