A video message from Nikki Holland, the Embrace Champion at the National Crime Agency, for Civil Service PrideON.


I’m Nikki Holland, Director of Investigations at the National Crime Agency and I also have the great pleasure of being the Champion for Embrace which is our LGBT network.

I’m equally proud of both the roles and all the work that goes on publicly and behind the scenes to make sure we have and inclusive workforce that celebrates diversity and to put the most harmful offenders in prison and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

I feel privileged to be the Embrace champion and was delighted to be chosen when I came to the agency. I have several LGBT friends and family members and have met some truly inspirational people across my career who demonstrated the importance of LGBT and the Allies and I am proud to be one such voice and one such active Ally.

I attend pride events every year with the NCA to show my personal support for the agency to all our LGBT colleagues and those people in the community. It’s important we continue to publicly show this support and encourage LGBT+ people to come and join the NCA.

Pride this year may have been cancelled or postponed but they will be back. In the meantime it is important that we continue to spread our messages and to show our support in other ways and I look forward to see you all at pride events in the future. Thank you.

PrideON is a programme of digital events and content across the month of June to help celebrate Pride in the Civil Service. Do you have a digital event or content that you want us to share? Contact us.