The PrideON playlist is now available on Spotify.

Listen to the playlist here.

Continuing on with the celebrations of Pride Month, PrideON are proud to present… the official party playlist for 2020!

Bringing you up to 10 hours of all the popular songs of this century, from the comforts of your home.

So, we hope you get on your dancing shoes, enjoy the power of music, and stay safe during the lockdown.

For individuals who already have access to Spotify, you can easily find our playlist by searching ‘PrideON Party’, from either the Spotify web player on your personal laptops or the Spotify app on your personal mobile device. Make sure to download the playlist to enjoy it offline and give it a like so we know it’s a hit.

For individuals who are unable to access the Spotify playlist, simply:

  1. Do an internet search for Spotify on your personal laptop or alternatively search and download the Spotify app from your mobile’s app store.

Spotify are currently giving 3 months of Premium for free (Offer ends 30 June 2020), which will allow you to enjoy endless ad-free music and listen to music offline. Monthly subscription fees will be applied after the end of the 3 months, so if you don’t wish to continue the service, make sure to cancel the subscription. You will get a notification when the free Premium service is close to finishing

  1. Complete the signup process, by signing up with Facebook or your email address.

  2. Once signup is complete, on either the Spotify web player or mobile app, you can look for our playlist by searching ‘PrideON Party’. Make sure to download the playlist to enjoy it offline.

Spotify Premium gives you unlimited high-quality streaming access to over 50 million songs of all genres from different decades.

You can also follow and listen to the PrideOn podcast on Spotify.