The Civil Service LGBT+ mentoring programme is a new development opportunity for civil servants with minority sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and variations in sex characteristics.

We created this programme because we know LGBT+ civil servants say they feel they:

  1. don’t get the same develop opportunities as their non-LGBT+ colleagues
  2. can’t often identify LGBT+ role models who are more senior than than across government

We opened the programme for the first time in June 2021. More than 850 people registered as either a mentor, mentee or both before our 31 July 2021 deadline.

Since then, we’ve been matching mentors to mentees. The matching process is now complete, and you should have received your matches via email.

How matching worked

Everyone registering for the programme told us their:

  • name
  • grade
  • role
  • department
  • formal Civil Service profession

A match was made when:

  1. a mentor was one or two grades more senior than the mentee
  2. a mentor was in a different department to the mentee

We tried to make sure mentees were matched with at least one person from the same profession as them. We also deliberately mixed up the professions for most people, so they got to meet people across government.

Every mentee that registered on the programme has been matched with at least 1 mentor. Most mentees have been matched with 2 or 3 mentors.

We were unable to match around 20 mentors to a suitable mentee.

What happens next

You should have received an email with your mentoring matches in it. If you are a:

  • mentor – your email will have the name, grade, role, department and profession of your mentees
  • mentee – your email will have the name, grade, role, department and profession of your mentor as well as their email address

Mentees should now contact their mentors to arrange a speed mentoring session.

Didn’t get an email?

If you didn’t receive your mentoring matches via email:

  1. check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder for an email from:
  2. if you can’t see one, email us at