The Civil Service LGBT+ Network is both a network of individual members and a network of networks. The structure of the Civil Service – which is made up for more than two dozen separate departments and more than 300 non-departmental bodies – means every organisation is different. They have different policies, procedures and culture. Having a local network is vital to ensure there is a constant link between LGBT+ staff on the ground and the management of every organisation.

As a cross-government network, our role is to add unique value for local networks and ensure we don’t duplicate their efforts. Our ‘Leaders of Networks forum’ is one way we do that. It’s a regular chance for those running local departmental and agency networks to come together and discuss shared interests.

The meetings have been on pause for a while during the pandemic; but I’m determined to restart them and ensure networks have that opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

It’s for chairs, vice chairs or committee members

The Leaders of Networks forum isn’t open to everyone; as the name implies, it’s for those who are involved with running and leading their local departmental or agency network.

It doesn’t have to be the network chair who attends. You can send a vice-chair or other committee member if you like. You can send more than one person too, if you want to.

The agenda is shaped around you

I want these rebooted meetings to be laser-focused on issues or concerns networks are facing. Whilst we intend to have standing updates from the cross-government network team and from the Civil Service Inclusive Practice team, every meeting will also have plenty of time to focus on the things coming up across departments.

If you have an agenda item you want to raise for our January meeting, please email me directly, and I’ll see if I can squeeze it into the time available.

Dates for your diary

The next Leaders of Networks forum will take place in January. We will then host the meetings on a quarterly basis from there on out: in April, July and October.

The dates and times for each meeting have already been scheduled, and you find the full list on our events page.

You’ll need to register to attend each meeting, so make sure you complete the registration form. I hope to see lots of networks at our meeting in January.