As a network, we think allies are important. That’s why our business plan includes a commitment to develop a new Allies programme.

I’ll be leading work to create that programme and resources that allies across the Civil Service can use to champion LGBT+ inclusion in their workplace.

Starting by listening to you

I want to find out what LGBT+ civil servants want cisgender and heterosexual civil servants to be more aware of and how they can be better allies. I also want to know how you think LGBT+ civil servants can be more supportive to each other.

So, as a first step in creating this programme, I plan to conduct a survey and series of workshops to hear your voices. After that, I will publish a report of the findings alongside a plan of how I and volunteers will work to deliver it. My hypothesis is that a series of resources like fact sheets or blog posts might be helpful; but we’ll be led by the evidence.

In developing these resources, it would be great to have LGBT+ people involved. Where people feel comfortable in doing so, it would be great to hear and share your stories and experiences to help raise awareness.

We’re building an Allies team

I can’t do this all by myself! We’re going to build a team of volunteers, both LGBT+ and allies from an array of departments, to put this programme and resources together. Our goal as a team will be to increase awareness of LGBT+ issues and allyship that can be shared widely across the Civil Service.

As an LGBT+ ally myself, I am passionate about equality and diversity and want to improve other people’s knowledge and understanding to help raise awareness and challenge stereotypes. It would be great to have like-minded volunteers onboard.

I don’t want to just create resources for allies created by allies, I really want input from our LGBT+ members too. Whether that be filling out the survey, coming to a workshop, volunteering or simply sharing the resources. Everyone can help make sure that our new programme engages and activates our allies to help make the Civil Service a great place to work for LGBT+ people.

Get in touch

I really want allies on board from across a variety of Departments so that resources can be shared in non-LGBT+ spaces to reach people who would not usually engage with resources on allyship. I’d also like to hear from allies and non-LGBT+ people what they would find useful to help educate and challenge them more.

If you’d like to get involved with this team, please email me at