Hi, I’m Marc and I lead on Pride for the Civil Service LGBT+ Network.

A hybrid Pride for 2022

When the pandemic struck in 2020, the Civil Service LGBT+ Network took pride online and led the Civil Service’s first ever, all digital pride season with hundreds of civil servants taking part. Pride is an important part of the LGBT+ calendar and this year we want to come back bigger, prouder and better than ever. That’s why this year, we’re planning a hybrid Pride; with an online programme taking place alongside physical participation across the UK.

Pride is a special occasion for the LGBT+ community where we are able to remember our history, raise awareness of the issues LGBT+ people face, and campaign for equality no matter your sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. It’s a time where we’re able to embrace and shout about our identities with our families, friends and allies and make our voices heard from the past and for the future.

Express your interest for in-person events

We are currently still scoping out what locations we are able to attend in person for Pride 2022. To help us decide which locations are the best for us to attend, please complete our expression of interest form and let us know where you’d most like to take part. Please complete the form by 16 February 2022.

Register your interest

Help us put Pride On again

We’re aiming to continue our digital programme alongside in person events for Pride 2022 so as many colleagues as possible can participate. We need your help to do that. It could be a small contribution like writing a blog post for our website, or a bigger contribution like helping to organise an online social or panel event. If you’d like to help us create this online programme, please email me at marc.fitchett@civilservice.lgbt.

Confirming our plans

Further details, including where we decide to attend pride events in person, will be published in March. Where attendance is restricted due to ticket capacity – for example, at events in London or Manchester – tickets will be allocated on a lottery basis.

Keep up to date

We’ve set up a dedicated Pride topic page on our website. We’ll be adding all the details of our upcoming events and activities when we know them. You can also sign up to get email alerts to keep up to date with the latest news from the Civil Service LGBT+ Network.

We can’t wait for Pride this year and look forward to hearing from you. Get in contact with marc.fitchett@civilservice.lgbt if you’re keen to play a big part in this year’s Pride for the Network.