The Civil Service LGBT+ Network only achieves what it does because staff volunteer their time to help. They do incredible work; whether it’s our local organisers delivering our social and networking events, or bigger long term projects like organising pride. Many of us are able to do this as our formal ‘corporate contribution’ for a small amount of time each week; more of us still do this in our spare time outside of normal work hours.

Our team has expanded recently as we’ve welcomed new volunteers. That’s great! We still have lots of opportunities to get involved, though.

All our volunteering opportunities are published on our ‘vacancies’ page, but I wanted to highlight a few of the roles we’re hoping to fill as soon as possible.

Our most urgent roles

Vice-chairs for women’s inclusion and ethnic minority inclusion

We want this network to be inclusive of every part of the LGBT+ spectrum. We think the work that has been done over the past few years to establish BiSpace, and now AceSpace, is a fantastic model of how we can do that. We already have work underway to create a space for trans and non-binary staff in the network; we want to do the same for LGBT+ staff who are women, and LGBT+ staff who have a minority ethnicity.

We think it’s important these initiatives are led by those they are intended to support – just like BiSpace and AceSpace – so we’re keen to speak to any LGBT+ women or LGBT+ people who have a minority ethnicity who would be interested in stepping up and developing these programmes. If that’s you, please email me directly; I’d love to chat!

Communications roles

We need some skilled communications professionals to help us re-invigorate our comms work. Blogging, social media, podcasting, strat comms – if you’ve got the skills, again get in touch and I’d love to have a chat about how you could help.

There’s more

As I said above, the roles we’ve got a clear idea for are all on our vacancies page but the opportunities don’t stop there. If you’ve got an idea and the enthusiasm to get going with it, just get in touch. I’d be happy to discuss how you can join the team and take any of these roles or ideas and turn them into something great.