Last week we launched our award winning Mentoring Programme for it’s second year. Over 250 of you have already signed up to be mentees and close to 200 have signed up to be mentors. Registration is open for another 3 and a half weeks and we are keen to increase those numbers and have as many of you as possible sign up.

If you have already signed up for the programme why not come along to an induction session? Whatever your grade, location, department or LGBT+ identity, you can come along and find out more about becoming a mentor or a mentee. Whether you took part last year and want to find out what’s changed, or are have signed up for the first time, there will be something for everyone. The induction sessions are optional so don’t worry if you can’t make one of the sessions, but we would encourage you to come along if you can! If you’ve not signed up for our programme yet you can still come along to an induction session and find out more about what makes our programme award-winning.


We will be running numerous induction sessions from 9th until the 23rd June. These will be run separately for mentees and mentors. The induction sessions will be repeated so you only need to sign up for one. See below for a list of dates.

For Mentees

  • Fri 10 Jun 1100 - 1145
  • Tues 14 Jun 1600 - 1645
  • Thu 16 Jun 1300 - 1345
  • Fri 17 June 1100 - 1145
  • Mon 20 Jun 1600 - 1645
  • Tues 21 Jun 1230 - 1315

For Mentors

  • Thu 9 Jun 1300 - 1345
  • Mon 13 Jun 1600 - 1645
  • Tues 14 Jun 1230 - 1315
  • Fri 17 Jun 1100 - 1145
  • Tue 21 Jun 1600 - 1645
  • Thu 23 Jun 1600 – 1645

What you’ll learn

During the induction sessions we will:

  • explain how the programme will work this year
  • provide you with guidance on mentoring good practise
  • share tips for building your relationship with your mentor/mentee
  • provide a chance for you to ask any questions you might have

Prior to the induction session, we recommend that you read the guidance we have published on our website.

How to register

We have listed all dates on our Events page. You can register to attend online

The sessions will take place over Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. If you cannot access this service on your work device, you can forward your ticket to a personal device and access it that way.

The details for sessions will be available 1 hour prior to the event to those who register.

Please note that whilst induction sessions will be held between the 9th and 23rd June, registration to take part in the programme closes on the 17th June so don’t leave it too late to sign up!

Things you should know when attending our events

If signing up for our events please make sure you have read our standards of behaviour. Our events are only for civil servants.