Pride season is here, and the Civil Service LGBT+ Network is coordinating in-person attendance at 14 separate Pride events this year.

If you have attended, or are planning to attend, a pride event with us, we’d love to see your photos.

We’ve created a shared Google Photos album where you can upload photos and also see photos uploaded by others who were in attendance.

How long will this be available for?

We’ll make this link available for uploading photos until the end of September 2022, when all our Pride events will be concluded.

Access to and use of your photos

If you share your photo with us, we might use it in promotional materials for future Pride events or for wider Civil Service LGBT+ Network activities.

Anyone else will access to this link will also have access to photos you upload.

If you want your photo removed

If you spot yourself in a photo and want it to be removed, please email us with the link to the photo at