This plan has been written following a number of listening sessions in 2022 to understand the issues that matter to trans and non-binary civil servants. We will carry it out in coordination with the other programmes and activities of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network, and the cross-government network for trans and intersex staff, a:gender.

1. Address bullying, harassment and discrimination of trans and non-binary civil servants

The Civil Service People Survey consistently shows that respondents who identify as transgender or neither a man nor a woman are more likely to report experiencing discrimination, bullying or harassment at work. We will:

  1. Facilitate anonymous, online reporting of bullying, harassment and discrimination of trans and non-binary people across the Civil Service, such that we can highlight patterns, trends and issues to relevant departmental networks, departments, and Civil Service HR. This will allow us to build a more qualitative evidence base than what is currently available from the Civil Service People Survey. If this is successful, we will also expand this to other LGBT+ incidents.
  2. Work with the Civil Service Inclusive Practice Team to incorporate information from our listening circles and the anonymised reporting into the design of the work they are doing.
  3. Carry out educational events on bullying, harassment and discrimination.

2. Organise a programme of events

There was a clear appetite for events that promote learning and inclusion, such as we have had on our BiSpace and AceSpace programmes over the last few years. We will therefore organise events throughout the year to bring together trans and non-binary civil servants.

We will look to do some of these together with other work streams within the Civil Service LGBT+ Network and other cross government diversity networks where this helps promote intersectional issues relevant to trans and non-binary people.

Get involved

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