Registrations Remain Open

Registration for all events that the Civil Service LGBT+ Network are attending remain open. Our pride season is kicking off in just a few weeks, with the first pride parade on 26 May 2024, in Durham. For a full list of the events please check out the Pride 2024 topics page.

Please spread the word in your departments and lets make Pride 2024 the best season yet. Happy Pride Everyone !

Change in Date

Please note that there has been an alteration to the Sheffield (Kelham) Pride date, this is happening on 1 June 2024, not 22 June 2024 as previously shown - apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Non-Balloted Prides

For any non-balloted events that you have signed up for you should expect an email from the Network with joining instructions approximately 4 weeks prior. After this date the local organiser(s) may get in touch to confirm t-shirt collection details, fine details or with some more informal communications in the run up to the event.

Balloted Prides

For the 2 balloted parades, London and Manchester, ballots will be run on 16 May 2024 and 11 July 2024, respectively. This is a randomly allocated ballot for both parades.

Every year feedback is received on this process and considerations are made to all options presented - first come first served, prioritisation of people that engage with socials/attendance at previous prides etc. I know that every year the random ballot is disappointing to many, for this, we apologise.

Parade numbers are restricted in balloted locations, either down to funding or space allocation from the parade organisers, or both. For clarity we have 100 spaces for the parade in London and 150 spaces for Manchester, at the time of publication we know that London will be going to a ballot.

Where a parade is balloted our local organiser(s) will be running a reserve list. Your local organiser(s) will be asking you to reconfirm your space in the parade so that we ensure our entry is full. Please make sure you respond to this email. If you do not, you will be risking your space in the parade, because people on the reserve list will be contacted.

The local organiser(s) ran a reserve list for Manchester Pride 2023 and we were able to ensure our entry was full and everyone on the reserve list had been contacted.

Final Registration Deadlines

Final registration deadlines are all shown as the week Wednesday before the pride event. This is to give the central team enough time to organise the delivery of t-shirts to the local organiser(s) for the event. If you are late registering but would still like to attend please email the local organiser(s) for that region who will be leading our group. To contact your local organiser, please use the email address linked on their regions topic page. Or email

Alterations to Applications

If you have already submitted your application to parade with us and need to change your responses, you should be able to amend this through the link that Google Forms sent after the original submission. If you cannot find this or are simply wanting to add another pride on, you can submit a new form with the same email, but please only include the additional ones that you wish to add.

If you have signed up to attend events but can no longer come please do let the local organiser(s) know via email or let the Network know at Letting someone know that you will not be attending is really important to keep track of numbers and for efforts by all in ensuring that t-shirts are in the correct place/excess numbers are not sent around the country.


The Civil Service LGBT+ Network will be supplying fetching bright pink t-shirts this year, these are the same as last year, colour and design. If you already have a CS LGBT+ Network t-shirt please do reuse last years, this helps the Network financially and from a sustainability point of view.

When communications are sent out from the Network or from the local organiser(s) please read this as some parades have strict rules on what can or cannot be used during the parade. For instance, London does not allow stickers, some parades want to ensure that there is less single use plastic etc.


It is worth remembering that whilst you are in your Civil Service t-shirt, at muster points with the groups etc you are representing the Civil Service LGBT+ Network and the Civil Service Code of Conduct applies. Your local organiser(s) will remind you of this on the day too.