We recently updated our privacy and data statement. These changes have been made because we have changed the services we use to collect web analytics data to monitor the performance and usage of our websites.

We no longer use Google Analytics to provide web analytics on our websites. This means the majority of our websites no longer require the use of cookies for the purposes of providing website analytics, and users of our websites will see fewer cookie consent banners.

We now use CloudFlare Web Analytics to provide web analytics on the majority of our websites. CloudFlare Web Analytics analytics are non-invasive and respect your privacy. They do not use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics. The service does not “fingerprint” you via your IP address, User Agent string, or any other data for the purpose of collecting analytics. The analytics do not collect personal information, or track you across sites.

Whilst our new analytics no longer require the collection of data that could be associated with you, we may from time-to-time still need to collect data such as your IP address; for example, when you interact with our forum.