Following the resignation of Kate Hughes as chair of the Civil Service LGBT+ Network, an election for the next Chair of the Network has been triggered. The only role stipulated in our constitution is the role of Chair; all other roles are created and organised by the Chair.

The Process

The election of the chair will be via a “first past the post” ballot of eligible departmental or agency networks. Each eligible departmental or agency LGBT+ network may cast one vote on behalf of all members in their network.

The list of eligible networks will be taken from the LGBT networks listed on our website.

The vote must come from a registered email address that we have for that network or a nominated alternative. The voting email address cannot be one that belongs to a candidate standing in the election. Details of how to confirm the email address being used will be sent to our current list of Leaders of Networks by 27 August.

If your organisation’s LGBT network is not listed on our website please email info@civilservice.lgbt as soon as possible so we can validate that you are eligible to vote as an organisation and confirm details before the deadline.

Candidates can stand alone or on a joint ticket as Co-chairs. If standing on a joint ticket then all parties on that ticket are deemed to be elected.

The Timeline

Nominations for candidates wishing to stand as Chair will be open from the publication of this post until 12:00 noon on Monday 6 September 2021.

Following confirmation of candidates on 6 September 2021, each ticket will be invited to submit a 1000 word blog post outlining their priorities, proposals and pitch for the role. This will be published on the Network’s website. The deadline for submitting those blog posts will be 8 September 2021 and they will be published unedited on 9 September 2021.

Virtual hustings events will take place during week commencing 13th September. These will be held via video conference and open to all members to dial into.

Voting by member networks will open at noon on 22 September 2021 and close at noon on 29 September 2021.

Departmental and agency networks must hold an internal vote within their network to determine who they will support. The vote can take place in any format the network deems appropriate, but must either be a canvas of all members or of all network committee members.The network’s vote must be received from the nominated email address by 12:00 noon on 29 September 2021.

The result will be announced on our website on 30 September 2021.

How to Nominate Candidates must self-nominate by email. Candidates standing as co-chairs must email separately, referencing who they are standing on a joint ticket with.

To nominate yourself please email kate.hughes@cabinetoffice.gov.uk from your Civil Service email address stating clearly that you wish to stand for election, anyone else you will be standing on a joint ticket with, and confirming which civil service organisation you are currently employed by. Only individuals employed directly by the Civil Service are eligible to stand for election; interim or agency workers are not eligible to stand.

This role involves a significant commitment so we would advise you to speak to your line manager prior to nominating yourself in order to identify how much time you would be able to commit to the role. Your department is not obliged to support you but is encouraged to recognise the role as your corporate contribution objective and allow you 10% FTE official time to facilitate attending meetings during the working week. The role will almost certainly require time commitment outside of work.

If you have any questions about the role or the process please contact Kate on kate.hughes@civilservice.lgbt.