Civil Service LGBT+ Network Business Plan: 2018 to 2020


By Civil Service LGBT+ Network


The Civil Service LGBT+ Network helps to create a more diverse, inclusive and equal place to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) civil servants. We represent the interests of an estimated 20,000 LGBT+ people working in the UK Civil Service.

This is our business plan for 2018 to 2020. It explains the most significant work we will do over the next two years.

We will publish an update to this plan every six months. It will explain the progress we have made against objectives and targets in this plan.

Our work helps us deliver against our four priorities:

  • building strong and stable networks: providing support and assurance for local networks, so that every civil servant can access a locally based LGBT+ network
  • creating a diverse and inclusive community: doing more to actively engage under-represented groups within the LGBT+ community, such as bisexual staff and women, and working on issues faced by people with multiple protected characteristics
  • having a national impact: ensuring that our activities are nationally inclusive and regionally based, and that people feel connected to a community regardless of where they live
  • understanding and representing your needs: ensuring that all our work is evidence based and that we accurately represent the views of our members to stakeholders, challenging discrimination, and promoting awareness of LGBT+ issues

Our plan

Strong and stable networks

To support the development of strong and stable networks, over the next two years we will:

  1. establish a Heads of Networks Forum to guide our work and share best practice
  2. develop and share best practice policies and guidance that can be used across departments so that networks can use these to internally influence their stakeholders to improve departmental policies and processes
  3. support departments with the completion of the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index by producing guidance on building inclusive departments and a toolkit to support submissions

Diverse and inclusive community

To create a diverse and inclusive community, in the next two years we will:

  1. take part in at least 3 Pride events each year and monitor the diversity of those taking part
  2. create a new community space for bisexual civil servants and implement the recommendations from our bisexuality consultation last year
  3. establish a new LGBT+ and faith project to understand the needs and experiences of LGBT+ people who are also part of a religious community
  4. establish a national LGBT+ allies programme to help networks engage allies in their departments
  5. establish joint projects with other cross-government networks to explicitly highlight intersectionality of these groups
  6. run regular campaigns highlighting less visible communities within the LGBT+ population such as LGBT+ women, transgender people, and LGBT+ people who are black or have a minority ethnicity

National reach

To ensure that we have a national reach that supports civil servants wherever they live, we will:

  1. pilot an online space for LGBT+ civil servants to network helping LGBT+ staff to connect with others in their local area, even when they can’t physically meet
  2. support local organisers by creating re-usable toolkits to help anyone set up events or activities in their local area
  3. pilot a national LGBT+ mentoring scheme for LGBT+ civil servants looking for a mentor
  4. establish more networking and social events outside London

Understanding and representing your needs

To ensure we understand and represent your needs, we are going to:

  1. advocate for standardised sexual orientation and gender identity monitoring in Civil Service systems and processes so that we better understand the needs and experiences of LGBT+ civil servants compared with other civil servants
  2. ensure networks have access to the main findings of the Civil Service People Survey results for LGBT+ staff and how their own departments compare with others across government

Timetable and milestones

We have created a roadmap that shows when we plan to deliver this work.

View the roadmap on Trello

Help us deliver this plan

We need volunteers to help us deliver this plan. You can use your volunteer days or support our network using as your “corporate contribution”. All our current volunteering opportunities are listed on this website. If you’d like to get involved, or you have a question, please contact us.