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This document explains what to do if, having completed your speed mentoring sessions as part of the Civil Service LGBT+ mentoring programme, you’ve decided that you still want a mentor or mentee, but that your speed mentoring matches weren’t suitable for you.

About clearing process

The Civil Service LGBT+ mentoring programme was designed to match mentors and mentees through an initial set of speed mentoring sessions. Once those sessions are complete, mentors and mentees decide whether they want to work together over the longer term.

Not everyone will find a mentor or mentee through the process we have created. That is expected because:

  • there are different numbers of mentors and mentees on the programme at any one time
  • some participants might not have been a ‘good’ match for each other, for various reasons

Our clearing process is designed to match mentors and mentees that did not find a match via speed mentoring sessions, but that still want to take part.

This is an informal and experimental process that we are running for the first time as part of the mentoring programme. You do not have to take part if you don’t want to. We cannot guarantee that this process will find you a mentor or mentee.

If you do want to take part, the remainder of this document explains how to take part in the clearing process.


The clearing process is open to both mentors and mentees that did not find a long-term match through the speed matching process.

If you did find a mentor or mentee, you should not take part in the process, to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to take part.


The clearing process will take place on our new forum: Discuss. To take part in the process you should:

  1. register for an account on the forum by visiting
  2. create a new post to advertise yourself to a prospective mentor or mentee
  3. wait for prospective mentors or mentees to reply

1. Register for an account

Discuss is a new online forum exclusively for LGBT+ civil servants and allies that we have created for mentors and mentees to connect. This system is being offered as a trial, but we are likely to expand it to be open to everyone in the coming weeks.

You can register for an account by visiting

You should register using your Civil Service email address. All account need to be verified by an administrator before you are granted access.

By registering to use the service you must agree to our data policy, our terms of service, and to follow our community guidelines.

2. Create your mentee or mentor ‘advert’

Once you have access to the system, you need to create a post introducing yourself to prospective mentors or mentees. To do that:

  1. go to the ‘Clearing’ category
  2. select the ‘+ New Topic’ button to create a new threaded post

First, in the ‘Type title, or paste link here’ text input field, enter [Mentor wanted] or [Mentee wanted] followed by your name, grade and organisation. For example, if you are a mentee looking for a mentor, you would enter:

[Mentor wanted] Alan Turing, G6, GCHQ

Next, enter some information about you and the kind of mentor or mentee you’d like to work with. In the Type here text area field, enter:

  • your name
  • your grade
  • your department or agency
  • your profession
  • any other information about you that you think is relevant to your prospective matches
  • the skills, experience or background of the mentor or mentee you are looking for

The information you post in your topic is visible to all users of the forum.

Don’t provide any information that you would not be comfortable sharing publicly.

3. Wait for people to reply

Prospective mentors and mentees can reply to your ‘topic’ offering to work with you.

Once you’ve found a match, post a final reply on your thread to let everyone else know that you’ve found a match. A moderator will then ‘close’ the thread to new replies.