The Civil Service LGBT+ Network exists to ensure that each and every one of you can come to work each day feeling safe about being yourself. We do not want anyone to experience, or be in fear of experiencing, discrimination because they have a minority sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that you will be more effective if you can be yourself at work.

We also want to help make the Civil Service the most inclusive employer in the United Kingdom. We want to encourage a culture that supports workplace equality and engages with LGBT+ civil servants.

Our mission statement

To deliver this vision, our mission to work to create a safe and inclusive working environment in the Civil Service, encouraging a culture which supports workplace equality and engages with LGBT+ civil servants.

Our objectives

To support the delivery of our vision and mission statement, our objectives are:

  • to offer advice to, and support the development of, departmental LGBT+ networks
  • to represent LGBT+ civil servants and local LGBT+ networks within the Civil Service, including by raising awareness of the issues affecting LGBT+ civil servants
  • to connect LGBT+ civil servants across government
  • to provide support to individual civil servants where this is requested by their local LGBT+ network, or, by the individual themselves
  • to function as a centre of expertise about sexual orientation and gender identity issues within the Civil Service – using this knowledge to shape Civil Service policy and practice
  • to facilitate access to learning and development opportunities for LGBT+ civil servants

The objectives are kept under continuous review.