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ℹ️ About this form

You can use this form to generate an email to the website administrators telling them you want to post an event, and giving them all the information they need. Alternatively, you can use it to generate a text file that you can send to the website administrators as an attachment.

Complete the information in the form below and then select ‘Generate email’ or ‘Generate file’.

Further guidance on how to use this form is included below.

🎨 Formatting and styles

Our website uses plain text files to generate content. If you need to include links or formatted text, you can use Markdown syntax. For example:

To create... Type...
Bold text **Bold text**
Italic text _Italic text_
Hyperlinks [Hyperlinks](//

📸 Using images or files

If you would like to include an image or file as part of the event page, you need to send those to the website administrator as attachments to an email.

Images must be in .jpg, .gif, .png or .webp format. Do not send images to us in a Word Document – we can't always extract them and will not be able to use them.

Files must be in Open Document Format, Microsoft Office or .pdf format. We prefer to use Word files because we can turn these into accessible documents more easily.

🚨 Reminder

Everything we publish is on the open internet. Do not send us something to include that you are not comfortable having online.

Everything we do must be in line with the Civil Service Code. That means we must act with honest, integrity, objectivity and impartiality.

Event details

Event title and description

This description will be used for page previews on places like Twitter. It should be no more than 140 characters long.

This description will show up on the event page itself. Include all the details you need people to have.

Event host (optional)

For example – the Civil Service LGBT+ Network

Event dates and times

Event start date and time

On what date and at what time is the event taking place?

For example – 2021 12 31 13 00

Event registration closing date and time (optional)

When do registrations for the event stop?

For example – 2021 12 31 13 00

Event location or web address

If this is an in-person event, where is it taking place?

For example – 1 Horseguards Parade, London

If this is a digital event, what platform is being used?

For example – Google Meet

How to register

If you want people to register on Eventbrite and you'd like us to set this up for you, type "yes" into this box.

Alternatively, if there is already a page set up where people can register for a place at the event, enter the URL for the page.

For example –

If you want people to register by email, enter an email address to contact.

For example –

If the event does not require registration, what message do you want to display instead?

For example – "No need to register. Just turn up."

Publication date (optional)

On what date should the event be published on the website?

For example – 2021 12 31

If you don't provide a date, we'll publish your event as soon as we can.

Add topics (optional)

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