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Local organiser
Local organiser

Hello! My name’s Alex, I’m a gay man and I’ve been a recruitment manager in DWP since I started in the Civil Service in 2021. I’m also currently the Comms lead for DWP Pride (our staff LGBT+ network). I’ve been off-and-on involved in LGBT+ campaigning for over a decade now; it’s something I’m quite passionate about.

I started going to Civil Service LGBT Thursday socials a few months after I joined, and I basically haven’t missed one since! I’ve made some great professional connections and friends from attending our London socials (as well as some further afield socials when I’m out of town) and have marched in multiple Prides with CS LGBT. As much as I love our regular venue, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach - especially for London Civil Servants who don’t work near the Whitehall campus. I’m keen to support the London team in diversifying our spaces and facilitating socials that don’t just involve propping up the bar!

I’m continually promising myself I’ll get back into life drawing and improving my sewing skills. I’m also very interested in LGBT+ History – I really enjoyed co-delivering a cross departmental session on Polari with my colleague Tiger. In my spare time you’ll usually find me in an unnecessarily esoteric gay club night in East London.