About this volunteer

Local organiser
Regional delivery
Yorkshire and Humber

I joined the Department for Work and Pensions in March 2021, after retiring from a life working at sea to ‘settle down’ and find a slower pace in life. Having joined during the pandemic of the century (covid-19) I quickly moved through several job roles to become a people engagement, inclusion, and communications lead within Work and Health Services.

I am passionate about our diverse workforce and play an active role in both DWP Pride and the National D&I Stakeholder Group for DWP. I want to champion and promote an inclusive environment for all colleagues, across the civil service, and as a proud openly gay cis-man, with both non-visible and visible disabilities, I am an ally-to-all.

Yorkshire & Humber is a large area, and I want to bring us closer together to celebrate, to share, and to support each other across our respective departments, via events and socials.