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Local organiser
Local organiser
West Midlands

Hi, I’m Laura (she/they). I’m originally from the West Midlands, and have recently moved back. I joined the Civil Service in 2022 after spending 6 years in Japan. I’m keen to get more involved in the community and to support the already well-established community here in as many ways as I can.

I love to organise/plan things (mostly holidays, but also group outings on a smaller scale), so here’s hoping I can use those skills to help bring about some enjoyable events for the West Midlands – and I’m always happy to chat, so feel free to get in touch whenever if you’ve got ideas, or just want a natter.

In my spare time, you can often find me wandering the footpaths & fields or if the weather is terrible, cooking sweet & savoury treats in the kitchen.