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Local organiser
Local organiser

I am a first year Statistician Fast Streamer. I am currently working at DLUHC, but we change department every year, so depending how promptly I remember to update this, I may have already moved! I’ve also worked in UKHSA and GLD prior to the Fast Stream.

Growing up in an environment that didn’t exactly encourage expressing ‘unconventional’ sexual orientations and identities, I get unreasonably excited whenever I see anything rainbow-coloured. I’ve been going to LGBT+ Network events since I joined the Civil Service in 2020. But since I am rather outspoken about LGBT+ and my identity, I often come across other members of our community that rarely engage with networks and events. I hope I can help organise some that will give them a space they feel welcomed into.

My take on anyone not ‘comfortable’ with LGBT+ topics: if my grandma can figure it out, no one else has any excuse.